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Clio 1.6 RSI

  Clio rsi
Well, first, Happy new year to you all, second, I’m going to keep my Red RSI, for the time being that is, just thinking, I am thinking about lowering it, getting a performance exhaust and fitting the K&N that came with it, or, leave it standard, any thoughts? I know it’s not worth a lot and maybe never will be but I know they are rare little beasts. I’m not a young guy, my birthday has just passed, just like the sound and a bit more grunt these mods can give. I have now clocked 100500 miles, getting the cambelt kit fitted I hope next week.
  Clio rsi
That’s what I was thinking mate, it is so well up together and looked after, pics of the car are on this site, I will take some when I can and a lovely day :)


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Decent tyres and a suspension refresh (bushes and the like) will make it far faster and much more enjoyable than a noisy exhaust.

A bad exhaust system can actually make it lose power...

Maybe swap the OEM paper air filter for a KnN/aftermarket jobby as it might help it breathe a little better and perhaps give you 5% more noise on throttle, but won't do any harm.

Aside from that... Just look after it 🤷‍♂️
  Clio rsi
Tyres are good, had a refresh on the shocks, holds the road and never leans badly, a K&N filter is a good idear so will go with that, going for an MOT next week, cambelt like I said, cracking little car and surprises a lot of other cars :) NOT a 172 but very enjoyable and fun to drive, will update after next week, shame there is not a RSI thread on here :(