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clio 1.9 diesel

  Clio 2 Ph1 172 Sport
Itis asimple2ph1clio1.9diesel2 seats,has1850000kms,color gray with black pigmentation,has the look of clio sport ph1
extreme spoiler
OEM OZ F1 15 Renault clio
rear axle182/trophy
transmissions megane dti
megane strutbar dti
suspension arms megane dti
shaft sleeves megane 2.0
megane 2.0 calipers
280mm disc megane 2.0
coilovers ta-tecnicx changed some things
complete engine swap 1.9dti with espace1.9dti
bmw 530 diesel intercooler
filter specific cash kn
manometer pressure of the turbo2 bar
speed cloutch clio2 ph2
manometers white
fell seats

sorry for my bad english or translator google
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Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

ClioSport Club Member
Mechanical fuel pumps on these? Or fuel pressure can be alter?

​Think this is the only 1.9dti in sports clothing I've ever seen
  Clio 2 Ph1 172 Sport
i have only picturies :dapprove:








  Clio 2 Ph1 172 Sport
i have some new about my car -> new air induction and oil radiatior



and big news with gt2056v :evil: