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Clio 172 clutch cable self adjuster & pedal linkage rod

  Clio 172
Hello everyone,

I have a 2001 Clio RS and recently one end of the clutch pedal linkage rod has started popping off its ball joint. Because I'm a muppet I managed to reattach the end that had popped off in such a way that when I pressed the clutch pedal to test it, it leveraged/pulled against the clutch cable in such a way as to pull it (the cable) out of the self adjusting mechanism.

So I have two questions I hope someone can help me with, keeping in mind that I can only work on the pedal mechanism in the cockpit and I have no mechanical experience so if it requires any work under the car or the bonnet then I'll need to take it to a mechanic.

1 - The mechanic who usually works on my car is looking for a replacement part for the linkage rod but parts are hard to find here in New Zealand, so I'm thinking of ordering this (, and I'd like to know if anyone has experience with installing it and what they thought of it or if there's a better option?

2 - I've reattached the cable in what I assume is the correct position but now something's wrong. After no more than about 1cm of travel the pedal becomes very hard and I'm afraid of pressing on it harder in case I break either the cable or the mechanism. Would anyone happen to know what the issues is and if I could fix it?

I've attached three photos, one showing the cable end when loose, another showing where on the mechanism I assume the end attaches (magenta arrow) and the channel the cable runs in (yellow arrow) and finally one showing it after I've reattached it.

Many thanks,



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