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Clio 182 FF in Inferno Orange

  I'm wanting a 197
Fully new to Renault sports but I wanted a cheap toy to mess about with for abit. Having come from a tuned RS3 and tuned M2 comp its definitely a different car haha. Had other tuned cars previously also including a clio 16v running 280hp, I'll post some pictures.

Seems a very clean car apart from faded paint and bit of bubbling in areas also. Love the colour though. History isn't great before his ownership. 153k miles and 15 owners 😁 but I'm not here to make money on it or anything like that, I just want to drive it.
I believe it's what you call a 182 full fat.

Things he has done :-
- Cambelt, water pump and Dephaser done in 2020
- Valeo clutch and bearing fitted Sept 2020
- New radiator
- EPAS conversion fitted with 172 cup alternator set up and 847mm belt. All air conditioning has been taken out (can't wait for summer)
- Power flex bushes - steering rack, exhaust mount, inner anti roll bushes, dog bone and left engine mount.
- Milltek exhaust with decat and centre res
- Remapped @ Efi
- 4 new magnetti injectors in July 2022
- Brembo disc and pads but fitted in 2019 so I'll check them
- Orange Proline brake hoses
- Inner rack arms and track rod ends changed in April 2021
- Brand new front shock absorbers recently and fitted with gram springs.

Needs some top mounts fitted, new Mike carter was supplied.
Does need 4 new tyres ideally, 3 are uniroyal rainsport 5 and 1 is budget. Maybe ill just sort the budget out for now, im not clued on the rainsports.
Needs a gasket on the exhaust.

I want to change the badges back to standard and put the wheels to silver. I prefer a clean OEM look. Needs a service as well.
  I'm wanting a 197
  I'm wanting a 197
Pictures messed up there but I washed the daily today so whilst I had a quick 10 mins I polished up the lights to clean them up. All full of gunk. Much better
  I'm wanting a 197
The front seat belts are that dirty I didn't realise they were meant to be silver until I seen the rear belts in a bag haha. So I decided to look into cleaning them.

The passenger T40 bolt looks like has been rounded beforehand and now I've done it again so I've had to stop until I can get an extractor kit. I did try hammering another piece in but no joy and then broke my T40 torx bit also.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Inferno 182 Cup
Probably best waiting for warmer weather and cleaning the belts whilst they’re in situ.

Just pull them all the way out and use something to stop them retracting. A bucket of warm water with your preferred cleaner/vanish will soon sort them out.
  I'm wanting a 197
Probably best waiting for warmer weather and cleaning the belts whilst they’re in situ.

Just pull them all the way out and use something to stop them retracting. A bucket of warm water with your preferred cleaner/vanish will soon sort them out.
I've got the drivers side off. I'll clean it up ready when I can haha
  I'm wanting a 197
Well the T40 torx bolt defeated me again today. The extractor tool just rounded it even more. Cant find my grips so i get another pair tomorrow. In the meantime ive start the process of putting back to a more OEM look. Replaced the front black badge. And took the side bullets off to be painted


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  I'm wanting a 197
Whilst out there I noticed the rear reg plate bulb not working. Looks the like connector isn't there and just wires at the moment


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  I'm wanting a 197
I finally put the seat belts back in today. As well as new bar and cargo net. Seat belts came out better than I expected so I think I'll keep them rather than changing for orange which I was going to. I do have more parts in the garage/coming which will get fitted in the new year including pure motorsport brace/top mounts
  I'm wanting a 197
Trying to fit this stereo at the moment. I have got it working but when I took the older stereo out it has a connect 2 which isn't working at the moment
  I'm wanting a 197
Couple of others things done today. Changed the oil cap. The door handles and new reg light. I still haven't drove it since getting it so I had to buy a trickle charger also.


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