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Clio 182 Pulls left and right

  Renault Clio 182
Hi All,

New here so apologies if this is the wrong place to post. I have purchased an 04' Clio 182. Bit of a project to take to Nurburgring in August. The car itself is in good condition, specs below:

Silver Clio 182
Full Scorpion Exhaust System (sounds too loud for my liking)
Apparently been re-mapped
New springs all around
New ball joints
New alternator
Mileage: 113,867
Engine Management light on (was told it's a lamba sensor)

It's been to a local garage, Car all in good condition no issues with lamba sensor and apparently the engine management light is a throttle body issue. Light still hasn't gone out.

The other problem is there when driving low speed or high speed it pulls to left or right (the car decides). I thought it may have been torque steer with it being remapped but that wouldn't explain why it does it at low speeds?

Any advice or chats about this welcome. I would also like to improve the styling and performance so any advice on that would also be massively appreciated.



ClioSport Club Member
They will tramline on full throttle on the 16s over rough surfaces but not in a way that feels in natural or takes away from the drive.

If it's wandering about the road, assuming the basics like good quality tyres and tyre pressures are all ok then have a look at the track rod ends and inner tie bars, back when mine was 3yr old I chased an issue for a few months similar and tried changing track rod ends and ball joints before realising it was the inner tie bars, it felt horrible.

Shot rear shocks will also cause it to feel like it's wandering and floating aboit