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Clio 182 Team Suzuka Black 56k miles MINT from Mexico

Quick info about me and the Clios I've had....
I'm Juan Fco. from México. I am 24 and have been a VW fan for a lot of years. However, I have wanted a Clio Sport since I first saw one at the dealership in 2002 so...after 14 years I finally bought my first one.
It was a 2002 91k mile Methyl Blue 172 in good (not great unfortunately) condition but it didn't really tick the right boxes inside me.
So after a couple of months with it I found a mint condition 2005 Suzuka Black 182 Team (thats how the cup is called in Mexico).
I sold the 172 and bought the 182 for exactly the same price.
I do not have a ton of quality pictures but I will be uploading them as the build progresses.
Cheers to everyone and here we go......
Nice! Those turinis look very small on the 182

They are actually 15"
Thats how it came in Mexico!
In 2002-2003 you got 15" Alliums
In 2004-2006 you got 15" Turinis

The spec in the Mexican car was actually funny! It had a couple of differences compared to the european one.
For example; my black 182 is called "Clio Team" over here which is kind of a cup spec car without any of the cup packs. (Stripped interior with normal springs and no rear spoiler / front splitter)
Lucky us huh? :/