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Clio 197 Spacers / Stud & Nut


ClioSport Club Member
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Looking to upgrade with some good spacers and a Stud & Nut kit for my Mk3 Clio 197

Problem im having is I have no idea what im buying as there is so much out there with so many different spacers and things.

I don't want to be buying longer wheel bolts either so im hoping that the stud & nut kit will rule the longer bolts out.

I did have 20mm spacers on my trophy with longer bolts and I was paranoid about them so took them off.

Anyone provide a very good set up that's proven to work well for the Mk3 Clio RS
Theyre the same as Megane MK2 mate. I'm sure you have to go 18mm on the rear to allow room for the disc spigot and 21mm on the front. A lad trimmed his hub spigot so he could run 15mm on his track car though but its a pain!

I've got Eibach on the rear of my megane with longer bolts and haven't had any come loose at all over 25k miles (not granny driven either)

I'm gonna get proper stud and nuts though because bolts are a pain in my penis end