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Clio 2 1.2 clutch

  Renault clio 2 04
I got a Clio 2 1.2 with 137000km under its belt, Its most likely a original clutch.
Anyone know how long they last?
Its probleby time to change or maybe tighten the cable..
It grabs gear reeealy far out, almost my fot is off the pedal.
In the engine I can see the clutchcable hanging loosely in its holder.
  Renault clio 2 04
Good news the clutch is not sliping, it keeps stalling like a champ.

There is as I can feel a Lot of play in the wire, see photo.
My thought is to add spacers/washers?
Maybe in two points, May these be good fixes?
Is it possible to get endplug on the wire off without breaking it?


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ClioSport Club Member
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I don't have any answers but in my mind there can be two things wrong, either the cable or the clutch.

I would replace the cable first and if it still isn't playing then it may need a new clutch. If you need washers to make it work something has gone too far awry.

The pedal has an auto adjuster so could be worth checking that but I have not seen much evidence of this (or really the clutch cable) going bad.

The part number for the clutch cable is 8200699727, about £75 for RenaultPartsDirect not including shipping - would highly suggest genuine if you go down that route, buy cheap buy twice and all that, been there done that haha

My cable is exactly like yours but I haven't dared touch it as it's working fine for the moment 😂