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  1. F

    New clutch slipping in reverse

    Hello! My new Sachs clutch is slipping on my 172 Cup and making a nasty smell, but only in reverse. Absolutely perfect going forwards. Is it just something I need to let bed in or is it likely I've done something wrong when putting it all back together? Any advice appreciated! Thanks in...
  2. Kjellanoway

    Clio 2 1.2 clutch

    I got a Clio 2 1.2 with 137000km under its belt, Its most likely a original clutch. Anyone know how long they last? Its probleby time to change or maybe tighten the cable.. It grabs gear reeealy far out, almost my fot is off the pedal. In the engine I can see the clutchcable hanging loosely...
  3. L

    Installed new clutch, burnt out already?

    I have just used this method to install a new clutch in my Clio 2004 1.2 16v: I used double sided sticky pads to hold the plate in place. Now, I used the starter motor to release the plates. The car worked ok in reverse, (when I managed to get it into reverse). I tried 1st gear and I had to...
  4. James Marchment


    Clutch has just let go on my 182 currently on ITBS and cams running circa 200-210bhp So much choice out there... Sachs Perfromance Helix Padle Helix group N Standard OEM PLEASE HELP!!!
  5. JKeillor94

    2011 Clio Clutch Change

    As per the title, ive got a 2011 Clio and im needing a new clutch, this one has started to slip after 70k miles! Wondering whats involved, subframe drop? Full removal for the gearbox? Best oils to use? Any tips are appreciated 🤙
  6. C

    Clio 172 loss of drive

    Hi one and all, First time posting to this forum so apologies if the thread ends up in the wrong place. We bought our Clio 172 cup a couple of months ago and yesterday we took it for it's first track day. All was going well but then we broke something... Basically it feels like a diff/gearbox...
  7. MaxB

    1.2 16v no drive in any gears

    Drove my Clio to work earlier and parked it up outside. Got back in it after finishing work and noticed a strange clonking noise coming from the engine bay. Checked it out but couldn't see anything so decided to drive home carefully. I put it in gear and went to move forwards to find that I...
  8. J

    Does the Clio mk3 tce share the same gearbox with the Twingo GT?

    I’m putting my clio tce through its paces pretty soon. Pushing for power with new turbo, injectors etc. I know I’m going to be needing a new, uprated clutch to deal with the new ‘neck breaking’ power. I have only been able to find a clutch for the Twingo GT and knowing they have the same engines...
  9. bozothenutter

    Big job list

    Hi, i've slowly collected a bunch of parts for the car and time has come to put it all on! Being a hobby mechanic i'm getting help from a real one to save me from myself......? the job is as follows: - put rollcentre correction kit on (I must be the last to do so) - change gearbox and clutch -...
  10. C

    Heavy clutch pedal

    I changed clutch on my 1.2 16v as the clutch fingers were bent. The clutch pedal was always really heavy. So i installed new ckutch 3 piece and now the clutch pedal is so light. But after a couple of weeks i swear its getting hard to push pedal down. What could caulse a clutch pedal to go from...
  11. I

    Help!! dreaded trans gremlins.

    Bit of background for you all: 2009 200 FF Gearbox rebuild @ KTEC Sept 2017 New clutch, release bearing at same time. Major service at KTEC October 2017 (72k) Current mileage 88k. Since bought, there’s always been an intermittent grinding from under bonnet. Goes away when clutch is in so...
  12. C

    Clutch cable gone soft..stretched cable?

    05 clio mk2 1.2 16v while driving noticed something was diffrent when pushing clutch peddle down to change gear. Felt easier to push it down than normal. It still changes gear fine except reverse u have to push clutch peddle right to the floor otherwise it grind into reverse. Am i right in...
  13. RichieJA

    Upgraded clutch for low boost, yeh or nay.

    I have spent the last couple of days reading about clutches for low boost... It's a mine field, I read posts on here and on Facebook and there seems to be no correct anwser... Many people say standard is ok then it goes over to last 500 miles definitely needed... Then it gets worse when going...
  14. H

    Cost of a new clutch for a 1.4 Dynamique??

    I've had a 06 1.4 Clio Dynamique since December and I've known for a while the clutch was going. I've been quoted £560 for parts + labour but isn't that too steep? Surely I'm being taken for a ride here, right??
  15. T

    Clio 182 stalling when crancked over and when cluched dipped

    Hello all, So Yet again another clio stalling post... I feel like I've read them all, but can't seem to pin point my problem, so any help would be very much appriciated. Here goes, A few weeks back my car stalled whilst slowing down for a junction, I thought nothing of it as the engine was...
  16. K

    Play in Gear Stick

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Clio II 2005 a few months ago and noticed my gear stick wobbles a lot. I've read up about it and found it's common for it to wobble around but no other threads mention the exact symptoms I'm experiencing. It bounces around while engaging and disengaging the clutch...
  17. Rystar

    Gears feel 'Blocked' when downchanging?

    Hi All, Just a quick question really, when changing down gears it feels like they are literally blocked off until you rev the engine a tad and the gears slide in a treat. My first car was a 1.2 8v which did the same. Is this a clio thing or a sign of problems to come?😂 (Evol...
  18. beeched

    Judder when moving off in first gear.

    I recently had a "Full Service" at Halfrauds Autocentres on my 1.2 16v. I have done about 200 miles since the service. I noticed the other day that the car will hold itself on hills without the use of any brakes. The "Mechanic" told me he had adjusted my handbrake because (In his words) it was...
  19. J

    Clio 200 Clutch Bleed | Warrington / North West

    Quick question, I've got the 'normal' gearbox issues when cold, which seems to be much less of an issue if I get pressure into the hydraulic system by pressing the brake pedal firmly whilst selecting 1st gear, on a cold morning. Aside from that, all's good. So, I'm going to get a brake/clutch...
  20. S

    Changing Gearbox & Clutch - Advice / Anything I am missing?

    Morning Guys, I am getting prepared to change my gearbox and clutch over the xmas period on my Phase 1 Clio Sport 172 (still trying to get hold of a JC5-029 gearbox if anyone can supply one?? but clutch is on its way). I have never undertaken a job as big as this on a car before but I am...