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Clio 2015 Diesel Service Light Warning

  renault clio
Hi , New to this forum, looking for ideas with a problem on my 2015 Renault Diesel.

Service warning light is on ( Spanner Symbol) plu stop start was disabled, mechanic who services the car ( non Renault guy) put a fault code reader on it and suggested it was a battery problem. As the car is over 5 year s old and other threads on renault forums seemed to back this up I replaced the battery. Fault codes are now clear according to small reading unit that i purchased but the fault still remains.

Car runs great no other issues , any ideas on how to get rid of the spanner warning on the dash would be appreciated or what else could be causing this.

  renault clio

stop start not working , still have the does on average 27 mile trip each way three times a week, so i think battery is ok.


ClioSport Club Member
Needs scanning with can clip to see why the spanner light is on and go from there.