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Clio 3 1.4/1.6 16v throttle body on a Clio 2 possible?


ClioSport Club Member
  2002 Clio 2 1.4 16v
Hello everyone. I would like to swap the intake from a clio 3 1.4 to my clio 2. It has the side entry TB where mine enters in the back. I found a good used intake for the clio 3 and a new TB for the same car. Will my Clio 2 ECU know what to do with it or will it need to be flashed for it?
I do know the plug is different but I would just splice the new plug to my old harness, if it's even possible.
My car is the Drive by Wire model too.
Or should I just try to make an adapter plate to mount my TB?

Thank you