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Electronic throttle pedal wiring/connector

  Renault Clio Sport
Hi guys, need help about electronic throttle pedal, I have to do swap from mechanical throttle to electronic cause will be use engine,ecu which is modified for higher power and is from Clio with el.pedal.

1 question: is electronic throttle pedal from standard clio 2 same as clio sport?
2 question: need to know how/where its connect wiring for el.throttle pedal,cause I already bought el.pedal from standard Clio 2, but there is no free socket where to plug in, engine harness is from clio172 with el.throttle body

The best will be do some photos or videos from interier and from engine where and how it is connected. Need to know what else I need some between cable part or something like that. Hope you understood everything,thank you.
  Clio 172 + Clio200T
Hope to have understood well, I'll try my best to help.
Standard clio2 pedal should have different bracket on the servo plate but beside that I confirm it can work with 182 engine loom /ecu/throttle.
About the connector..
I think thats part of dash I guess you need to replace the loom or need to makea modification based on electronic schematics.