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Clio 3 RS front bumper problems...complete cluster****

  III RS200
Hi all I have a few issues I was hope you could help me with. I hope I posted this in the right section.

To start with, I attached the pictures of my initial issue. As you're probably aware in the clio 3 the top part of the front bumper has 2 push pin type things on each end to keep the bumper stuck down. These were broken so the corners were just flailing while driving.

I couldn't find out where to buy these push pin things or how to fix it. The bumper was also difficult to get off and I ended up damaging the RS badge trying. It didn't come off but it's just loosely hanging there.

Being frustrated and stupid, I bought some industrial strength superglue to glue two loose edges of the bumper temporarily (yep I'm quite stupid). Well that actually did it's job and the bumper edges were glued down. It actually looked great and you couldn't tell what has happened at all. I glued it really carefully so not to get much glue on the visible parts. I didn't glue the R.S badge as it didn't need it.

This all happened around August 2016. And then life happened and I didn't drive the car too much at all as I have a work car. I ended up ignoring this whole thing.

Fast forward to now I fell in love with the car again and I'm driving it more. But it's just eating me inside knowing I have a bloody super glued front bumper and a flimsy RS badge in front. I just want to fix this whole thing.

I only see two options:

1: Carefully pull off the super glued edges of the bumper, pry open if I have to, remove the now year and a half old dry super glue carefully with acetone and get paintwork done to the parts that will no doubt have damaged paint from the glue and acetone and replace those god forsaken push pins/clips or whatever they're called and a new R.S badge. Where do I buy the pins/clips I'm talking about? Does anyone sell them online or is there anything I can use instead that will do the same job? And regarding the R.S badge, is there any tutorials on how to replace these?

2: Just rip this haunted front bumper off completely and buy a new one. Does anyone sell clio 3 RS front bumpers? I found this on Parts RS:,a2,front-bumper-renault-sport-clio-iii-rs-200-genuine-set.html but I'm not sure if they sell in the yellow of my car and there's no pictures on the website. But as you can see it's quite expensive

Bonus problem: Where can I find the keyless entry sensor cover that's behind the door handle? The black plastic part It has fallen off and I've searched this forum everywhere yet I still don't even know what the part is called. I'm talking about this as you can see the sensor cover has fallen off although it still works:


Sorry for the long winded post but any help would be greatly appreciated I just want to get my clio back to normal. Thanks in advance


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  III RS200
UPDATE: I've fix the bumper and superglue issues

However I still can't find the door sensor cover part (the black plastic piece that covers the sensor) anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know what it's called or a part number?