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clio bonnet problems

Just been out at back of house and looked down drive way towards my clio and noticed two depressions which look say 1" square in bonnet at near same point on both sides of bonnet, its at the sides above the lights around 10 inches in, no damage as far as i can see to paint nor can i feel them but after having had my whole family out to confirm my fears they all agree their is definite depressions on bonnet, have lifted it but the area is boxed of underneath...feeling gutted at the moment, car is kept on driveway and i cant think of wear it could have happened or how it could have is only a few months old, dont know what to do as for me my baby is damaged, cant imagine dealer will want to know anything about it

I remember ChavyBoy closed his bonnet once and instead of dropping it a few inches to shut it he carefully let it sit and then "clipped" it shut by pressing down on the bonnet, this caused two small dents with his hands when closing it. Is this something similar?

I know what you are meaning but the damage is away from front of bonnet, take a new style clio, go to sides of bonnet where it curves slightly and they are around 10" up from lights.....:(
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A decent dent master will be able to get in that area !! Using their tools they will be able to remove those dents without the need for paint!!

There are access holes generally for this type of problem. I cant picture exactly where you mean, but i have had a dent guy lift out dents that where near on impossible to get to !

Just to update this post, was speaking to dealer over phone today and he said he had a few folks in over the last month or so with same problem, he arranged to have body shop call me....their reply...never heard of it.......more confused than ever know.....but she is going in on friday morning at 9am to be looked at
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Just to reiterate the correct procedure for closing the bonnet to avoid denting it, the bonnet should be lowered to about 6 inches and then dropped. (Its stated in the owners manual) Placing the bonnet on the catch and then pressing down will result in denting the panel.

Hope that helps.


thanks bob but thats what i do, it is at the sides, not at the very front, just curious to know that dealer admitted he had seen it before
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Its a new one for me. I see plenty of Clios everyday and havent seen one with the dents you describe, nor received any customer complaints.

Sorry cant be of more help.