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Clio Car Key

  2001' Clio172
Hi guys i live in S.A. i bought a clio 172 2001' bout 2 weeks back, when i got it the central locking was a bit screwing unlocking by itself somtimes i thought nothing of it, so sunday started the car a good couple of times, went to my gf place no problems but when i wanted to leave the damn thing jus didnt wanna start,check the car manual said it was the key, took to the closet reno dealer they say it is the key and they have to order it from france and it takes a month to get here is there no way to over-ride it :S
  BG 182
lol mine did exactly the same about a month ago, my key wasnt sending a signal or something and it ended up costing me 130 quid just for the black part of the key, it only took about a week and a half for mine tho.
  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
break your imobiliser!dont know how but it's your imobilisier that is stopping you from starting the car
  BG 182
i tryed every wire under the bonnet to switch the imobiliser off, couldnt find it anywere lol! apparently the aa man said that the reanults have the best imobiliser systems around!
  172 Sport Exclusive
I had a similar thing with mine, key fob stopped unlocking the doors had to buy a new one for £130 and it took about 5 days to come from france. When I opened the doors with my key I could start the car just couldn't stop the alarm till I found the overide code.
You cant knock the immobiliser off on the clio's - if it was so easy what would be the point in having one ? A new "plip" key for a mk1 172 costs £76.41 in the UK part number 7701046796 and takes 3 - 4 days to order from France. The key then needs synchronizing into the car with a "clip" diagnostic computer. On a MK2 172 the "plip" key part number is 8200067907 and costs £51.59 - these are blank plips and Renault dealers keep them in stock. You still need to programme them into the car but these can be done within the day ( takes 60 seconds to do )