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Clio GT -Elstree. (with pic)

  R26r R26
This morning parked up at the top of Elstree Hill. Looks better than the 200 IMO. ;)

  Clio GT
Sorry to say, that isn't a Clio GT, GT wasn't released until may 2009. Thats a 2008 Plate. Plus the styling is all wrong for the revised model.
Haha thats been there for like a year, had to drive past it every day on the way to school last year.
He drives like a c**t too, seen him going the wrong way round the roundabout at the bottom of that hill (on the side away from radlett) etc.
  R26r R26
It's not a 197 as it doesn't have the vents in the front wings. Or the rear diffuser.
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