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clio mk2 1.6 8v

  clio 480t ,172, clio mk2
hello guys im normally a mk1 kind of guy but ive just bought a mk2 and the slight improvements ive notice from the mk1s are very good right im having some problems though ive sorted a miss fire with a new coil pack but now on start up the car idles then dies about 5 secs after start up if i jab the throttle it will rev up but when i try and graduly feed the throttle it dies any ideas? cheers
  clio 480t ,172, clio mk2
well with the access i had i opened the tb manually and stuck my finger in and it was very clean i was exspecting some grime but nothing?
  alien green rs133
has the car been sat for any period of time?? if so a decent run may clear it out.

if its been missfiring have you changed the plugs as at least one will be fouled, causing major loss in power and rough running
  clio 480t ,172, clio mk2
yeah im guessing its been sat for a while ive had all the plugs out and cleaned them up one was very dirty from where it was miss firing ive cured the miss fire but id love to give it a good drive but unfortunately as soon as i try and accelerate it dies it will only keep running if i jab the throttle