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Clio on Top Gear!!!!!!!

  320d M Sport

Yep, looks just like mine and last time I looked there werent no baggy Diesel engine in there!!!!!!!!!!:mad:


  Shiny red R32

Did you hear the big bloke say that the Clio is nice to drive and is a pretty car.

Glad to hear that we are driving pretty cars!

Guys, what does that feel like??? Slightly girlie??



  Shiny red R32


I think you should also put some nice soft cushions in your car, preferably in a pretty shade of pink! Make sure that your make-up mirror is adjusted properly too!!


Well I am sorry is a bit bubbly, like a micra and the old corsa. I am more parshall to the phase 1s lines. Much harder looking.


i prefer the phase1/willys 1-2 :D

oh im going to hear some more info back about a IT job i have been put forward for.. if i do.. hmmm might have to be a new car already!

Cup? or keep the willy!?

could prolly afford a scooby/evo if i wanted with this job :eek:


  Shiny red R32

I agree with you ClioJohn, and I think that the new Clios make the older ones look really outdated.

I saw too... if what they said about 1) getting super deals at this time of year; and 2) the Clio Dynamique/Extreme representing excellent value for young drivers then Im *even* more enthuastic about collecting mine this week!

James... what sort of role in IT you looking for? (I recruit)


Building PCs and diagnostics is what i want to aim for....

But the job im being offered is 1st line of support in data solutions. starting @ 23k thats starting + training!!!!!

I live in jersey by the way. dunno if u could help? :eek:



I cant really comment on the IT scene in Jerset, as its a much smaller and closed market... most of my clients are in London and the Thames Valley so Im used to dealing with *vast* numbers of competing applicants.

However, that sounds like a good offer, and 1st line always leads to 2nd and 3rd line and so on, so Id jump at an offer like that when the market is in its current state.