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clio pics?

  BMW F31
hi everyone, i have recently had my mk2 ph1 1.6 lowered on -40mm Apex springs, the next step is some wheels but im not sure what size i want.
i've decided on these provisionally
but im not sure whether to get 15" or 16", so my question is has anybody got any pics of a mk2 ph1 regardless of engine size really lowered 40mm on 15" or 16" so i can judge what size i need.
thanks guys mucho appreciated :cool: :approve:
  The Beast MK4
15" Team Dynamics with a 30mm drop. Not what you asked for but a rough guide.



  V6, Trackhawk, GTS
JayS had those rims iirc!?

Lowering needs to be in the region of 60+ and 16's are the best compromise.