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Clio Rally Pedigree

Just thought Id share some of the glory days of the Mk1 Clio with you all.

Whens the last time you saw a FWD hatch keeping up with the WRC 4WD nutter crew like this!:

Monte Carlo Rally (21st - 26th January)

Sainz / Moya
Subaru Impreza 555
6hrs 32mins 31secs

Delecour / François
Ford Escort RS Cosworth
6hrs 34mins 56secs

Kankkunen / Grist
Toyota Celica GT-Four
6hrs 36mins 28secs

Mäkinen / Harjanne
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II
6hrs 37mins 12secs

Thiry / Prevot
Ford Escort RS Cosworth
6hrs 39mins 18secs

Aghini / Farnocchia
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II
6hrs 43mins 17secs

Ragnotti / Thimonier
Renault Clio Maxi
7hrs 04mins 26secs

Liatti / Alessandrini
Subaru Impreza 555
7hrs 09mins 54secs

Camandona / Crausaz
Ford Escort Cosworth (N)
7hrs 13mins 01secs

Holderied / Thörner
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II (N)
7hrs 13mins 34secs
The 2.0 F7R (Williams engine) powered Clio still holds the record for the fastest FWD car at the Tour de Corse - the second being the F7P (16v) engined Clio.

Nick could you get hold of that kit for your valver and have it fitted along with the turbo install !

That looks well sweet....
  Clio 197

when the 2 litre Front Drivers actually started beating the 4WD cars in WRC tarmac events, due to lower weight, the FIA banned them and replaced them with the current 1.6 litre cars.

They were an embarrassment to the WRC as they were not eligible for the overall championship, and though they would be overshadowed on gravel, they were stealing the show on tarmac!

iw as watcing RalluUK on the telly and the same thing happened, an old clio was beating the new WRC imprezza on tarmac! is was wonderfull stuff then it crashed out,

did the maxi use the 2ltr F7R hence the williams going into production? anyone know the spec of the F7R? is was a joy to watch on the tely the other night, but on another round it crashed VERY heavily right at the finish, im positive it was the same 2ltr harlow motorsport engined one that was for sale for £4kish a few months back,

shame really,

we all drive on tarmac remeber as well!