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Clio recognition

I think someone has posted this before about the humble clio being recognised - some bloke in a Zetec Fiesta has just had a go and looked a bit stunned when he got the treatment! Mind you, I quite like the fact that it is not recognised that much to be honest - anyone else find this?


  Audi TT Stronic

I like the subtleness of the 172s a lot of people get a shock when I slaughter them...
  VW Potato

its a zero image thing, I think. When people I know ask what car I drive, they look disappointed when I say a Reno Clio. I then used to mumble that its quite powerful, small car big engine etc, but that was lost on them. Going any further and saying, its not just a clio, its renosport clio 172 just isnt worth it. This isnt the reaction you get when you tell someone you drive a Golf GTi.

That said, I could not give a shi5 anymore what people think - I like my car whether they know what it is or not.


Renault havent made many dream cars. Theres not much brand recognition. I think all these new cars with different styling will help.
  VW Potato

I agree, Rob - to sub-cultures who like cars, well we know what it is. But to the masses, a Clios the car you hire when youre on holiday. Oh well, lets keep it our little secret!


And then if you do say it is a quite powerful , you get bizarre estimates on BHP, and then disbelief when the 172 figure comes out - which makes it more satisfying when proved on the road
  VW Potato

never mind the BHP, some are amazed by the cc - they say is it a 1.6 then? and you, not quite and they go er, a 1.4? and you go, nah, up quite a bit. They darent conceive its more than a 1.8 and you look at their faces when you go nah, its not a 1.8, up just a little bit more. BRING IT ON 2000cc!! :D


At least the 172s have had some advertising! The Clio 16v barely got any - guess it didnt need any to sell. So people are really surprised when what simply says "Renault" and "Clio" on the back gives them a very, very serious whopping!

One thing I like about the Clio range in total is that it is better specd than any other car in its class, and people still aint noticed!

Not only does the 172 win in the power stakes but the smaller engined models are also quicker than their other marque counterparts!

Long live the Clio!