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Clio RS 200 20thAE


Located in AUSTRALIA.
Purchased Jan 2013
Loving the exclusivity that Clio RS's bring in Aus. It is the most fun and engaging car I have had so far... I think it'll be hard to get close to this car in the future (if I ever do sell)
Here it is ...





ClioSport Club Member
Nice choice. Iirc they are very expensive over there?

Would love to have an Frp over there. :(
Love that.

Saw a white 200 with black roof for the first time in person recently. Looked really well
  LY 200 EDC LUX
Damnit, another white 200 rs with a black roof. Thank goodness your on the other side of the world lol!!

Loving the rear lights
Thanks for comments.

The he rear lights were not standard- I picked up a set fro th Clio GT.
Not sure about the rear vision laws ( I haven't been pulled up by anyone yet)