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Clio rs 200 gearbox problem when to worry

  Clio RS200
Hi all
just bought my clio rs 200 and so far love it. However there is something in the back of my mind That I need to clear up. I keep reading through the forums and it appears that a large number of rs 200 have had gearbox problems. I'm the 3rd owner the cars service history is complete but not all have been at a Renault main dealer.Clock has just turned over 22k miles and I'm starting to panic slightly as this seems to be the kind of mileage problems seem to arise . How many of you have an rs 200 with no gear box problems ? I'm guessing there is no percentage figure on actually how many have gone wrong. What should I be looking for ? It's all ready hard to get in gear when cold but I just assume that is just a trait of the car. Please put my mind at rest. Cheers


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Crunching when you change gear, whining when in gear or failing that, it will go pop and not go into gear.

Change the gearbox oil (using genuine Renault oil!) and see if there are metal filings that come out with the old oil.

I personally wouldn't worry about 'what if'.
  Clio RS200
Yeah that's fair enough may do that as I have only just bought the car for peace of mind.You can see my concern tho looking through the forums it seems that every other 187/200 has had Gear box problems... Surely Renault should have done a recall if it's as bad as it appears ?! Love the car so far tho