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Clio Rsi

Exhaust!! If you havent got one yet, go for a K-Tec or Scorpion for a true rally-car meets V8 muscle car meets Ferrari sound! (Or a Peco if the raspy Nova meets slightly-blown Micra sound is more your thing!! ;) )

Im swaying towards the idea of having a full exhaust system. Going by what advice I have already been given, people seem to be keen on custom Power Flow systems, Scorpion systems or Magnex systems. A lot of people buy an exhaust just for the noise. However, Im looking for genuine power gains with not so much noise. I do a lot of motorway driving so I would probably want something that sounds throaty but without waking the dead! I dont want something that sounds too harsh!

Any suggestions guys and gals?

Hey Ben,

I want EXACTLY what you want in an exhaust system.. no offence to the other guys here but i seriously think a deep drone all the time is completely.....its like degrading to the car. Like the car is about to fall apart... it just looks funny seeing a car with a huge noisy exhaust drone that sounds like its going at 80mph but is just going at 20.

Does anyone know any exhaust systems that give power gains without the extreme noise?? a little exhaust noise is good.. but not too much

Ive got a full K-Tec Exhaust & de-cat & am very impressed with the improved performance i.e. its actually noticeable!

Ive got a straight through de-cat which make mine sound like a rally car, which is what I like, but K-Tec also do a silenced de-cat so it shouldnt be as loud.

Hope this helps


Magnx and Remus have the reputation for being good quality exhausts but hardly sounding any louder than OEM ones, so these might be the type of brands youd be best to look at to fit your criteria

I had a 93 Clio RSi a couple of years ago which I fitted a cat-back magnex system onto: It was the 3" round (possibly 3.5" - cant remember) and it was sooo loud that my Dad used to go and open the gates to our driveway when he heard me flooring it along the main road near our house in the evenings - when we went on holiday I got complaints from people in the campsite as they could hear me tearing around the back roads! Strangely, it didnt sound that loud inside (so I suspect they were exaggerating a little) but it really got on my nerves after a few thousand buzzy motorway miles... Then the engine dropped dead and I bought the 172... :D

Hope that gives you some idea of the noise I got from my RSi with Magnex! I certainly didnt find it subtle... Power-wise, I swear it felt a little worse below about 2000rpm, but quite a bit stronger in the mid-range (most noticeable on the motorway) - maybe it just felt more powerful because of all the noise!?!


*sigh* Im really confused now! Some people say that a Magnex system is quite subtle when the car is driven normally but others are saying its really noisy!

Do the pros of having a performance exhaust system out-weigh the cons?