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Clio sport 172 cup

  Clio sport 172 cup

Can anyone help me.had my clio 10 years
Other night my alarm went off so unlocked the clio 172 cup and relocked it.
2 hours later went off again.
So had to get inside the car lock it with the button on the dash then get out and lock the drivers side with the key.
Now the light by the gear stick not flashing so I take it there's no alarm set.

I've noticed the bonnet sensor has been unplugged. And it's just hanging down?

Is there anything else I can check or fix because wana use the key fob to lock the car.

Thanks keith


ClioSport Club Member
If you look at the gear stick light when you unlock the car after the alarm has gone off it'll flash in a code to tell you what set off the alarm. The key for the sequences is in the handbook I believe, will give you somewhere to start looking at least.
If the bonnet switch is unplugged the car will just think the bonnet is permanently closed apparently, so shouldn't be that.
  Clio sport 172 cup
Ok thanks

So got in the car this morning unlocked it ok. Got to work and locked it with the Button so far it's all good.

I locked the car with me sitting in it. So as I moved the alarm went of which I take it that's normal as movement.

Then the light was blink as normal then it gave me a 3 red flashing lights quickly.

Thanks keith