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Clio Sport 200 - The definitive iPOD / USB Thread

  2009 Clio Sport III
Hey guys,

First post on here, and unfortunately it has to be a sad one. I picked up my Galcier White Clio Sport 200 on Friday. The car itself is epic in every sense of the word but one...

I can't seem to make any USB devices work "successfully" in my car. I have the radio with bluetooth and USB/AUX connection, and the following items plugged in all came with their own issues.

I already posted on the renault sport UK forum with no luck, and was hoping someone might help me here....

1) Ipod Classic 160GB
I used the USB cable to plug the ipod in. The system detects it correctly, but the menu's are slow to the point where the system just hangs and requires you to switch the radio off and back on again in order to load the list. I have done a full restore on the ipod itself, updated the software and reloaded my music. No luck. I'm busy doing a defrag on the ipod to see if this helps, but I doubt it. I reckon the issue is with the system attempting to automatically play the first track of the artist highlighted in the menu. I can't somehow find a setting to change this "autoplay" feature if there is such a thing.

2) iPhone 3GS 16GB
The phone syncs perfectly well with bluetooth, and making and receiving calls are working flawlessly, but browsing any of the music on the device has the same issue as above. Menu incredibly slow, and becomes unusable to the point where the radio requires a shut down again.

3) USB stick with MP3's
I have loaded a 128mb memory stick with only three albums. The system recognises the USB source, and plays the first track, but then reports that "The file is corrupt" once I start scrolling or searching for tracks.

This leaves me with only the option of using the male AUX stereo input, which is pointless, as I was hoping to get the ipod functionality as promised.

Are any of you experiencing the same issues?
Have any of you had any success with any of the above devices?
Any other tips or ideas I might try?

Thanx in advance.
  Cupped 200
I have no iPod or whatever... with my SOny Walkman plugged in it does nothing. With USB Stick it works almost perfect, but some files get this "The file is corrupt" report. But thats just a few files in a 2GB load. My Phone Bluetooth and mp3 playback over Bluetooth works perfect, its an SOny Ericsson K800i i think.
  Cupped 200
When i remember correctly it was normal, probably a biiiiit slower than normal but not laggy or something.
  2009 Clio Sport III
Just for those of you with a new gen iPhone (3g / 3gs). The bluetooth sync for phone and mp3 works seamless. :) Controlling the tracks from your ipod is easy and instant. No dodgy artists lists and hang ups...
If anyone manages to get a normal ipod through the USB to work properly, please let us know...

  Renault Clio 182
hi i just got my car yesterday and i tried my ipod on the usb cable and it didnt work but i dont know why been trying to find out. My ipod is an ipod touch 32gb just says medium not found or something please unplug. So i thought may have to use the aux bit. Help needed!!
  rs clio 200
My ipod touch 2nd gen 32gig wont connect either, i think it's bad form for them to let you can pay extra so you can utilise your ipod through your stereo, and then for it to compleatly not work accross the entire ipod range, very bad form indeed.
  Polo + Micra
have you tried a usb stick with mp3's but put in to folders called cd01 cd02 etc... like you have to on connects 2 kit?
  2009 Clio Sport III
Guys, the best advice I can give would be to get your ipods up to the latest version of apple's software, defrag them, and then re-load your music. All my ipods (iPod Classic 160gb, iPod Classic 60gb, iPhone 3 gs and Ipod Nano (2nd last gen)) seem to be working to some extent. All suffer the same issues however, which are: extremely slow track/artist lists, scrolling issues, random hang ups, stuck / hung head unit, etc.
The best setup I managed to get working was using the iPhone 3gs on bluetooth. It somehow works better than connecting to the USB. Even mutes your music to switch to incoming calls. Dont bother syncing your contacts though. It wont work.
  Renault Clio 182
I now have my ipod working all fine in the 200 and what i did was plug the bit in the usb socket and plug the other lead into the aux socket and you should find it all working well and on the screen.
  2009 Clio Sport III

Hows does that work? Was it simply something you tried, or does the manual state the connection should be made using the USB and male stereo plug?

Did it sort out the laggyness of the menus and controlling the ipod from your steering or headuint controls?

I havent got the stereo connector, so I'll have to get one to test this afternoon.

Strange that you should make use of both connections though...?
  Clio MK4 TCE 120
does a usb work correctly if you dont put music in folders ? hmm maybe i rethink this upgrade an move my parrot :eek:

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
I could never see the logic behind this option... Isn't it really expensive aswell?

Id sooner just buy an OEM look alpine unit with the bluetooth etc, and wire it up to the stalks & display.
  197 Sport
I dont understand the problem. I plug my ipod into the usb connector behind the drop down flap, and all 3 of my ipods work perfectly. no delay when scrolling or anything. i just wish it would detect faults with the wifes music as she always seems to get control of stereo!