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Clio sport gasket problems

  2010 Cleo gt
Car has consistent light on dashboard saying please check fuel injections and emissions. All sensors have been changed except for the lamber sensor and the fuel injector, took it to a renault dealer who gave it a full diognestic who says there is nothing wrong with the car, since then they are now saying it could be the mas sensor which I have changed. Took it back as still under warrenty they are now saying it could be the carbon monoxide sensor which I have also replaced, this has not solved the issue as dashboard light still says the same thing. Oh by the way for these two sensors which I replaced my self in under in ten minutes and at a cost of £25.the garage wanted me to pay them at least £300 all I need is a real diagram of this engine as its obviously one of a kind. And information how to get gasket sealent off as I have undone the eight bolts connecting it and tried to remove it so I can clean the fuel injectors but it won't budge any and all help wanted and would be appreciated.