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  1. Charlotte0506

    Front bumper damage

    Hello 👋🏼 This is my Clio Sport and his name's Colin! Unfortunately I went into the back of another car a few weeks ago when I wasn't concentrating. We didn't exchange details as her car was fine but my car did take a little bit of damage. The damage is minor but it still bothers me and I'm not...
  2. G

    Clio sport gasket problems

    Car has consistent light on dashboard saying please check fuel injections and emissions. All sensors have been changed except for the lamber sensor and the fuel injector, took it to a renault dealer who gave it a full diognestic who says there is nothing wrong with the car, since then they are...
  3. Barnett182

    Advice on a damaged 182

    As some of you saw on the weekend at Trax, my clio was rear ended by a Marc A45 AMG and is likely a right-off as the shell is slightly twisted. My question is, is it worth buying another clio and just swapping parts from my car to the undamaged one? Reason for this is my car is turbo'd with a...