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clio super 1600 championchip for the WRC, private teams in the british version etc etc....only for racing.....

they dont have time to supply to private rd use although you could convert it easy, but it will bea harsh ride, and need rebuilds by the hr rather than miles.

anyway, whos got US$100,000? lol

k-tEC are making a super1600 bodykit - stick in a cage and buckets with a striped out interior and hey uve got a road verison!
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In the good old days of Group A and N a manufacturer would have to build 5000 copies to homologate a model for competition. Unfortunately for us mortals that is no longer the case and bargain performance cars like the big boys play with are a thing of the past.

The only reason that you see so many WRXs, Evos,Cossies,etc. is because they had to dump a whole pile of them on the market in order to compete with them. Now all the do is make team cars in the case of the WRC cars, and the minimum number of kits as in the case of S1600.

You never saw a street version of the Peugeot WRC, Citroen, Skoda etc.. The Subaru has been a WRC car for a few years and the last manufacturer to hold out was Mitsubishi who only last year decided to go the WRC route and are now out of the WRC for a year.


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Its like the 106 Super Cup cars and the new 206 XSi...

Kinda based on a road going car, but the Rally ones are mentally powerful!

The Clio has a similar wide arch kit to the 106 actually.