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Clio Thing

Im not sure if this has come up b4 or not, if it has then Im sorry and just humour me.

I was just wondering though, when u peeps go past another person in a Clio who looks as they would use a site like this, do u wave/flash them or n e thing?

When I had my mini the previous owner told me that it was part of the mini code to flash and wave at any other drivers, thing is though everyone did it, but it was also the same when I had my 5 turbo, only thing is with Clios is there is so many of them, around so it is a bit difficult, always other 16s though the bulge gives them away!!

Yeah my mates bro has a Mini Cooper, he said its the Mini Cooper club thing that they always flash each other when they drive past. Thought it sounded like a nice thing 2 do!
  7.6cc :D

I get flashed at by workmen in white transit vans - is this relevant?

Its scary cause its not always the lights they are flashing:eek:

When I had my mini it was a regular thing to wave or be waved at. But nothing beats riding a motorbike and the acknowledgement by way of the nod as you pass, 99% of bikers must do it.


I saw an almost identical 172 to mine, even the reg plate was only one letter different, and we had a good old flash and wave at each other.
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Most people with 16vs etc totally ignore me round my area :(

Also u can almost guarantee Ill c another nice Clio when Im not in the Willy :cry: