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Clio TomTom - SatNav help please

  Clio TomTom 1.5dci
Hi all,
Last week I purchased a 2009 Mk3 Clio 1.5dci TomTom.
Very happy with it so far but I just wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction regarding the SATNAV. The SATNAV display only displays the time (which is wrong). I believe this is because an aftermarket Sony CD player has been fitted.
The seller told me that if I can get the original Renault Stereo unit and put this back in - then the SATNAV screen would function properly again. Is this correct? It has an SD card in.
I’m eager to get the SATNAV display working and would like to pair my phone with the car via Bluetooth etc. Can anyone tell me what part number Radio Unit I need, and how easy is it to re fit?

Thanks in advance!!


ClioSport Club Member
You need one of these head units with the large knob in the centre, this is the Bluetooth/nav stereo