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Clio v6 broke down? Hard shoulder on the M40

  Renault Clio V6 255 MKII
Did you get a shock?! Trial and error approach to finding the duff coil?

Having read so much about it, I knew instantly that it was a coil failure. Was flooring it up to motorway speed, then slipped it in 5th and all of a sudden the engine note changed dramatically!

I started with the centre coil on the front (closest to boot) bank and then tried to one to the right. Fortunately it was this one, so only took 2 tries!

Even though I'd been shown how to undo the coil power clips I struggled a little as I was afraid to break it.

Got it right in the end! Problem was that I was on my way to a car event that I was running late for!

Happy days.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
in a year of having the car i've never had one fail! kinda dreading it the longer they last haha


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
haha nope at work! been meaning to buy a few spares to keep/fill my boot but never got round to it!
I've never had one go in 2.5 years of having it, they have all been done before, so hopefully that's it (I bet i've jinxed it now !)