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Clio V6 or New Elise

Am trying to shift the 172 at the moment and am thinking of replacing it with one of the above or possibly a Scoob P1, what would u guys go for?

This as your only car? Id like to say elise but if you dont have a garage i wouldnt bother and it will piss you off if its your only car. A 111s is a great car though. Clio V6, hard one, if youre talking about the mk1 it looks effin great but youll have to spend a a couple of k to bring it up to scratch in handling terms. Also with the new mk2s out no one will want it off you when coming to sell it.

P1 would be tempting but id say hold out for a Clio V6 mk2!!
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V6 and Elise are both completely impractical as every-day motors - no luggage space - insufficient even for a trip to Tescos. Scooby much better, but a different animal really. Id get the Clio V6 and a cheap, practical runabout like an old Golf.
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If this is to be your only car then it would have to be the P1. They are truly awsome, I was looking at them once. If you go for one shop carefully as they have normally been thrashed, check the brakes. I looked at 5 and they were all really bad examples, covered in stone chips and the interior was terrible in all. I think most people who bought them from new only wanted them for a year and so didnt care about them too much.
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Elise for fun. Like the lads say though, if it is your only car that might be just a bit impractical. If your budget stretches to a good Elise, you could buy a decent Scooby or Evo if you are feeling the need for 4 doors. There are plenty of them out there...

If you buy one by the end of feb you get a free hardtop worth over a grand!

The above elise is a Type 25, it was a limited run so youll have to look around for a second hand one if you want it! Or get a 111s with the paint job and the new black wheels, tasty!


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I would go for the well equipped V6 Clio, as it is a chunky monster compared to the flimsy looking Elise, which is even shorter than the Clio. The Elise has quick acceleration like a 5GTT, but not as high a top speed as the V6.

My neighbours son has an Elise and he also has a 106 GTi and the Elise front is absolutely covered in stone chips, possibly because it is so low and catches any little stones easily.

Poofs car if you ask me!!

I didnt realise the elise, especially the mk2 which i think looks quite aggro had a hairdressers/gay tag. Id still have one though. How often would you get to the V6s top speed these days?

Youre right about the stonechips thing, one owner i know covers the whole front with a protective film and gets it replaced every month but he used it as an everyday car which is frankly stupid.
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Hey, if you are secure enough, you can drive the poofiest car and not worry. I had a Frogeye and a 930 at the same time. The birds liked the frogeye better. Just the opposite of what I would have thought...

Im seriously considering an Elise if my Evo ever goes away...

And to call a car girly...did you ever see Michelle Mouton drive? I suppose a flame belching Group B Audi quattro is girly then...

Your right fred, exige, second best drivers car ever!

If i can afford an elise in two years, ill get one, and keep the clio as the day to day car.
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New v6 is easily much much better than an Elise. In the cup blue as well .... ummmmmmmmmmm. Plus you can still stay part of the club .... lol.

Elise IMO is a bit girly except for the Exiege.


"Youre right about the stonechips thing, one owner i know covers the whole front with a protective film and gets it replaced every month but he used it as an everyday car which is frankly stupid."

Sorry - this is sh*te :) the paint is not the best due to the GRP body but if you get armourfend (the plastic film) this will last years.

Lots of people use Elises every day - they are great cars - it depends what you want though - the elise is an excellent track car and lots of tuning potential (on the std car - less so on the 111S). The S2 has a bigger boo than the S1 - youd be amazed at what you can fit in there. It is also easier to get in and out of

Another thing tho bear in mind is the fuel economy and running costs (if you are bothered) - you can hammer an Elise all day - and get 30+ to the gallon ..... gulp, what would a P1 be ! Also - they need servicing every 6k ish dont they ?

The exige is all good and well, but its nice to have the roof off IMO and not a very good car on the road - the Elise is a better car on the road - the track is different however

If you get an Elise ... you will be happy

Have you looked on - good bbs on there in the Elise section

"Poofs car if you ask me!!" .... rotflmao !

OR you could buy Dave Browns TTd Exige - 280bhp - Nice .... think it was up for 28k - might have gone now


Sorry, but if you park a V6 (MK2) and an Elise next to each other Id be hard pushed to pick. The V6 is a bulldog of a car and the Elise is a geryhound! Too different to choose.

Go with gut feeling and revel in your choice! Lets face it, the V6 is nice, the Elise has that summer vibe with the top down, and the P1, though everyone raves about it, is still a farmers car and I dont like them (sorry if i put some people noses out of joint, yes I have driven them b4 u ask)

Running costs the Elise would win, looks its a close call cos the V6 is just superb, the P1 is a little overdone (most people who are uninformed just see it as ANOTHER Scooby).

Whatever you buy if its one of the above it will be better than my crap box 1.2 so good luck and enjoy whatever you get.:p

yeah go get an elise and try and get in and out of it without looking a total tit! there is no way a girl could get in and out with any dignity! (spelling) and no sholder room at all! but they are the bollox in the sunshine with the roof down (the mk2 aint as bad as the mk 1, but still tiny)

V6 waiting list is still huge ..when buying my cup the dealer told me one guy had been waiting nearly 2 yrs for the mk1 V6, then thay launched the mk2 so he canceled and ordered the mk2 insted.. this happenend to alot of peeps...but renault are pushing these people to the frount of an already long que!! so expect to wait longer!

p1 is great but dont bank on keeping it for long unless you burry it every night in your garden so no one can find it! and the depreciation is huge!

To be fair if your going to spend that kind of money i would go for something else... Well thats my opinion

get an elise,

get a 111s 0-100 in 14 who cares of the reputation you know you would if you could, proper lotus setup too handling stakes it would whoop a clio v6 in the hands of a good driver on a track day, 111s has some grown up performance, stock ones with 120bhp are quick to a point 0-60 in 5.6 0-100 17.2 not too quick, 111s similar 0-60 but like i said about 4 secs quicker to ton, who cares about top speed, acceleration is what you need, unless you live on the german autobahns

I dont buy the V6 waiting list story! I know Renault found it hard to shift the last batch, infact the were effectively giving them away to Renault employees, under 20 grand for a brand new one. I had heard storys of dozens of V6s sitting waiting for buyers, all gone now though!!

Oh and MK2 V6 anyday!!
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V6 definitely. Its the only car out of all of them that will turn any heads. Elises and Scoobies are more common than Saxos round here.


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Same round here Nick! Loads of Elises, Scoobies, CTRs and those horrid boxy Minis are everywhere! No V6 Clios though and only one little 172 - mine!!


Quote: Originally posted by Fred2001Dynamic on 28 January 2003

Elise = nice car but a bit girlie!!!! Poofter eh????

P1 = ridiculous

V6 = Everyone will stare at you!!
Fred, Im glad someone else agrees with me - I luv em, but they are a bit gay !!! :eek:

What makes them gay then?

The Elise goes back to the basic rules of car performance set by Lotus, lightness teamed with an entertaining chassis. As mentioned above theyre cheap to buy and cheap to run and they dont pretend to be anything theyre not. Today cars are getting bigger and bigger relying on huge engines to drag their fat asses with them, its good to see Lotus went against the grain.