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Clio v6 Rota Grid's

  Clio v6
Anyone know of a v6 fited with 17/18" rota grids? I wanna try something different with the clio. If I stick some pics up can any of you photoshop whizz's have a go for me please?
  Clio v6
Just done one on the rota website. handy lil virtual image thing they got going on there!


  Clio v6
what do u mean do it properly dude?? im the type of guy thats easily bored so just wanna try something diff! seen some rotas on a 182 n loved the look.

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
There are only two wheels that suit the vee IMO.

Standards and those compomitive jobbies you can't get if you re mortgage the house.