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Clio V6

Does anyone here own the clio V6 i played with earlier (sunday night) going out of Burton? Good laugh.. there are so few chances for a decent race round here..

Cool handle though - wish I was not known as Ben H now, otherwise Id have a cool name like Scaramana or Dr Moo...or even Captain Slarty (runs for cover)!

What do i drive? Rare engined supra twin turbo (pop up light model, not the mkiv)

Ill leave the results of what happened until after they reply/dont reply :)

Theres very few chances of a decent race round my way.. so this clio was a welcome change.. didnt even know they did a 3 litre V6 version until tonight.. reminds me of the old R5 turbo 2 bodyshape.
  Clio v6

3.0L (2954cc) inline 6 cylinder engine
24 valve, twin overhead cam
230 HP (200HP in non-turbo Supras)
0-60 mph in 6.4 sec
If the above is your Toyota, then I can see you may well have had some fun.

But I hope you werent speeding;)

speeding of course not.. :)

Nope, thats not my toyota..mines a very rare engined model with a fair whack more power.. take a second off the 0-60 and add another 120 more hp.

It doesnt seem like hes on this list... shame as it was a nice car.. i must admit its one of the better looking hatches on the market.. and the bodywork really makes it stand out on the road. £25000 worth? lot of wonga though..

Are they very rare? that was the first one id seen.. nice cars.

well rare then... id be tempted myself if i had the money !

anyway cheers for the replies.. nice to know youre a friendly bunch.. even if i do own a jap car ;)


some jap cars are nice :p A mate own a R34 GTR with some mod I think he is wackin out 600 hp or somethin .... another one got a older shape CTR n he his engine is done up by Spoon (with spoon parts) n now hes got a Garret T4 turbo on it ... nuts absolutely nuts revs up to 11000rpm

They do have good tuning potential..iv only just started with mine by fitting some turbo technics hybrids.. more to come though.
  Clio v6

Your car sounds awesome and its nice to get enthusiastic visitors here, instead of the usual Saxo "Mines bigger than yours" brigade.