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clio vs nova shootout

ill be getting my cup soon and am being bated by friends who drive these nasty cars.

i dont know if its been done before but perhaps a clio vs modded nova shootout could be organised at santa pod or york. seems alot of their standing quarter times are similar to the ones thrown around on this site (14-15 secs ish).

and if you lose then you can say, well at least i havent spent 20k modding a car fit for grannies and people with small feet


could be a laugh.

  mk2 172

i raced a 2.0 16v nova at york, it was completely stripped out to, i actually beat it cos i got a better start but he ran 15.0 and me 15.1, was very very close, i could here it spinning in nearly every gear!

Ill take part, probably in my Nova rather than the Clio though. Ill stand a better chance of winning something. (my old 1.6 8v used to do 15.1) I might be tempted to run the old Clio if I get my current plan finished in time.

If you want a point of contact, I am an administrator for Novaload, probably the best and biggest Nova site around. I have organised 1/4 mile shoot outs before with Magazine coverage, and I have a few contacts with various magazines.

If you do a shoot out, your best bet is to devide it into categories of engine size which will encourage some owners with less modified/hot motors to join in and to feel welcome.


you might know some of the lads i know. nick c with pristine black 2.0 16v, bret with peppermint green 2.0 16v on throttle bodies.

see if any interest develops, but good point about the different classes.



Clio Cup,mmmmmm...... you best loose the fiat panda style back seat, before you take anything on!! infact there will be a whole lot more youll need to loose to beat 16v Novas....

Harmless fun!



Yep, I know Brett. I spoken to him plenty of times, and it was because his car was in the body shop last year that I managed to nab his track time at trax.

Ill sound them out on the Nova site, and maybe well do a joint venture. Im a little tied up at the moment with Trax and Ive got a mag feature on Wednsday that we managed to blag. We get a free rag round in a Cosworth rally car!
  williams and trophy

he he i been embarassed enuff by the novas in the valver lol they quik little buggers. too much for a standard valver ....... thats why i got a willy lol
as for a clio vs nova day itd def have to be grouped, i know wot its like to lose to one of these... A LOT lol an it aint nice........ so id be up for a strip day to see if i can keep with em a bit better now
  BMW 320d Sport

Well Im still keen on going to York in October for my final quarter miling session of the year where Ill be aiming for 13s. I think I will have worked on it enough to get at least low 14s. So Nova drivers, bring it on! Its the last inter-club shootout that day and when we went the week before last we could easily have entered as a club. I reckon we probably would have walked away with the top honours as well, seeing as between us wed have a 15 second average. Details here:

Finals of the Hot Rod Challenge. Car and Bike Run What You’ve Brung. Inter-club Car Shoot-out and Road Car Final Test Day. Plus any finals not completed on September 15th. Camping from 6pm Saturday.

I reckon that should be the venue for the Nova vs Clio showdown.

I think the quickest Nova at our last Shootout was a 2.0 16v and that ran 12.8ish. The fastest 1.6 ran 14.7, and the fastest 1.4 was about 15.3. I think the average 2.0 16v Nova was just below 15 seconds, and the slowest was around 15.5.

My 1.6 was on Twin 40s, with a cam, head work and an extra 40 ccs and an extra 0.5:1 compression. Could have gone faster if it wasnt for bald tyres. The top 6 1.6s were all around the 15 second mark.

Ill see what the response is today from the Nova boys. There should be some serious interest along with all the usual 17 year olds saying theyll be there to kick some valver arse in there pocket rockets!

He He! Id be up for a shootout aginst the Novas @ York on the 6th of October.

Probably be the last chance of the year at the strip.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

So this would be Brett Warburton and Nick Caro then!

Guess who else used to have a couple of modded Novas when he was younger...

Still know all this lot and some of my mates "still" (Ive tried to get them to change) have modded Novas.

Actually, remember the 2.5 litre V6 Nova?! Well, thats my mate Brett Rogan who lives near me and that will be back on the scene soon, with a few changes.

Some of these Novas can be *really* quick.

dunno if ill come only managed a flat 17 secs un less i go up againt a 1 litre 3 cylinder nova

when i went to north weild i was up against my m8 nova gte but he admits its faster than it should b !

mybe if i went on a diet !! Not !!

Blimey...this brings back the memories of when I was a fully paid up member of the PNG. I cant believe Brett and Nick still have their wont-gos...althought I must admit I had a real sweet spot for Jon Shields A16 VTB - The original and the best!

rich-d and the other ex nova boys...

yes, it is them. nicks been a mate of mine for a long time, just met brett recently. i can remember when nick got that as a std nova sr. its always been imaculate and hes just upgraded it bit by bit. every month or so he has a new this or that, even i, as a not very big fan of novas have to admit that his is a nice one, and that they do go like stink when modded.

im knockin about in my mums j-plate sr at the mo which has had no tlc since i stopped driving it about four years ago and feels rather long in the tooth to put it politely.

hes sounding out his nova boys on this potential date and well just see if we get enough support on here.



Rich-D...... 106GTi???

Oli-m.....?? name please?? what do you mean wont gos!!

Is that the peugeot 106 chap?? if so did you ever get the slight prang to the front sorted out, you came down to Trax in it, in fact I think that was last year....

So you drive a clio now then I guess??

You still keep in Touch with Jamie Paton, does he still have his 16v Purpl Nova?

Whats Bregg Rogan done to V6 Nova now then??




ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Aaaah... Mr Caro I pressume?!

Yeah, it is I, but you already know that as weve "communicated" via SMS!

Yeah, I did get that prang sorted out (eventually) and it looked superb when Id got it done. When I was at Trax though it had only recently happened so I was driving it dented for a while.

Looked like this eventually...

Wont have had the quads or the wheels when you saw it. Really looked great when I did them.

Have just sold it though to use as a deposit on a house and I am moving in this weekend, so not Trax for me this year.

As for having a Clio now... well no, not yet, its still a "maybe" as there are a few cars in the running, the 172 being one of them.

Currently driving this...

Got 2 of them actually and got them to play with as a bit of a hobby. Bought the white one in the pic "cheap" with a blown engine and stripped and re-built it. Have been using that for the past few weeks just to run to work & back in.

Yes, I still keep in touch with Jamie and yes he still has the Nova, although the engine has blown up!

At the moment he has a mint series 1 Pug 106 Rallye 1.3 and hes using that as his main car and he loves that, but the has a new engine for the Nova and it will be back on the road soon.

Bretts car has been off the road for a number of months now, not sure why, but he just stopped driving it?!

Anyway, saw him recently and the car is having work done to it and will be back soo, in fact he may well be at Trax.

Hows your Nova doing?!

Ill have to come along to a monthly PNG meet with Jamie or Brett when they get their cars sorted and catch up. Still at Cheadle, same place?

Nice one mate!

Mail the pics direct to me as they aint showing up on my pc!

My Nova fine.... had all interior done, black leather and alcantara seats & door cards, looks sweet!

So what work is Brett having done to his car then, just stuff to pass mot or what??

Tell him & JAmie I said hello and get them to come to our meets!

Mate of mine has a 172, well impressed and Chris aka Pugboy (used to have a 306 S16, well someone had too!!) hopefully takes delivery of his clio cup in the next few weeks!

Still wont beat a nova mind you! eh Chris!! LOL!!!



i wouldnt mind joining you. im not a cliosport member, nor do i own a clio... but id love so show those "l novaboys a thing or two.

i wouldnt mind joining you. im not a cliosport member, nor do i own a clio... but id love so show those "2 novaboys a thing or two.