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Clio_Romford’s 182

  clio i think
Picked up this 182 in October, mileage was pretty high but belts and dephaser was literally just done.
A BG 182FF, came with Eibach lowering springs, Snappy steering wheel, Fabia splitter, nearly new uniroyals, brembo pads and discs and your standard RS usuals
This was the car advertised

Had a very modified Clio as my first car (posts might still be on forum), then a scooby after. Audi A4 estate, 306, Monaco 172, Jazz and an EP3 type R before this...

Condition was average with your standard rust on bonnet

And pretty bad dent

Had a K-Tec backbox which was very quiet

I quickly had this sorted along with a new wheel bearing and driveshaft that needed replacing. Many thanks @twotech Kent for the service
The car now sat nicely with a freshly painted bonnet and rear quarter resprayed

Next was a new exhaust, managed to get hold of at a good price a shed motorsport BTB exhaust and miltek Decat. At the same time another breather mod, with a ramair induction kit

As a previous Clio owner, I then had to consider my options with new wheels. Was thinking euro and low but I’m too old for that scene now. Ended getting some anthracite turinis from a cup

Also did my tints limo back 3 and think it was 30% on fronts which was legal

Got some wind deflectors also to add that Jap look and upgraded my stereo to a Kenwood, much better than standard but lost the use of the stalk

Didn’t really like the look of the grey inserts of the 182 headlights so was on an eye out for a pair of 172 xenons. Took me my 3rd set I bought for a good non damaged pair. Annoyed and frustrated but finally got what I wanted.
Broken ones

Took my bumper off to freshen up the grills, gave them a few coats of satin black

My mate had yellow fogs on his FN2, never normally a fan but I thought it works quite well with the black
My mates FN2

My effort on tinted fogs

Out with the grey headlights and bumper off

Current front end setup

You might be asking why I didn’t spray my badge, as I did take it off. Reason for this was because I’m looking to refurb the wheels in sliver, and the silver badges and bullets would fit my theme better

The car normally goes to the local car wash to get washed. For xmas I treated myself to a new karcher pressure washer and purchased some magifoam and new snow foam lance
Was waiting for the weather to get slightly warmer for me to bring out the snow foam

Noticeably shinier

Managed to also swap my anthracite turinis to some silvers. Wheels not perfect and still needs refurbing, but wanted to see how the color looks on my car

Brake discs needs replacing, so went and got some new brembo discs

That’s it for now
Plans for Clio will be Recaros, decent set of coilovers. Maybe flocking the dash also

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  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Think i prefer the amphasite wheel colour. And the yelow fogs are :(

Looks tidy though.
  clio i think
Thanks for changing location of thread.
I’ll get a few more people’s opinions on the yellow fogs, to see if they stay or go. Easy to take off if needed to be
Looks very smart that :up: i'm normally all for silver Turini's but I think i'm also going for anthracite there, seems to work really well with the black car and other mods. But i'd still leave the badges and bullets well alone and silver!

With the new stereo, is it not steering wheel control compatible? I've got a 10 year old Alpine headunit in mine and still have the steering controls fully working with the correct adaptor leads. But the stereo has to be compatible!


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  Clio 197
Looking good so far! Where do you plan on getting your wheels refurbed? I'm looking to possibly get mine done too but don't know of any local places with a good reputation.
  clio i think
I have a Kenwood stereo, didn’t look into getting the adaptor for the stalk when I swapped. Are they universal?
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  clio i think
I have the option of choosing dark or silver when I refurb. The anthracite does look good on black, but the silver when clean brings up the car a bit better I feel. I will probably go for a brighter silver like the new Audi alloys.
Not sure where I’m getting the refurb, my mate had his in Matt bronze done in a place near Harlow which I might use, I think it was £250 including removing the tires and putting back on
I’ve seen post on Facebook for a place in Birmingham but bit too far


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  Clio 197
£250 doesn't seem too bad, i'll probably end up giving it a go myself first as it's only a colour change i'm after but let us know how you get on.
I have a Kenwood stereo, didn’t look into getting the adaptor for the stalk when I swapped. Are they universal?

The stereo would need to be steering wheel control compatible, then you'd need a car specific adaptor lead and a stereo specific patch lead, so in this case a Clio adaptor/iso lead and Kenwood patch lead. The patch leads are like 3 or 4 quid but the iso lead for a Clio might be a bit more :up:
  clio i think
I’m actually in Rainham now Ron, used to be a romford lad, lived near the brewery off London road. But I’m in romford every week or so
Thanks Steve, I’ll have a look into the adaptor


ClioSport Admin
I’m actually in Rainham now Ron, used to be a romford lad, lived near the brewery off London road. But I’m in romford every week or so
Thanks Steve, I’ll have a look into the adaptor

I know Rainham well. I’m there and in Romford every day at work. You’ll have to pop slung to one of our North Weald meets this summer.


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  Clio 197
I've got the same style lights on my 197 and they really do make the car look just that bit more modern! I'm glad you haven't ruined them by using those horrible orange indicator bulbs :)
  clio i think
Was going to refurb my turinis, end of buying a set of Phil from the forum. He had a set of diamond cut ones with insides black.

Went to petrol station to tighten the nuts after fitting the wheels

Still need coilovers

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  clio i think
Quick update
So been shopping for a few bits and despite being so cold I put my spacers on. 20mm all round and stud and nut kit

Bought a new front driver hub as my abs light is on, and found out was the driver side abs sensor knackered

Will be fitting the hub soon hopefully.
Had some bad luck the other day, driving down the road at night saw something in middle of the road and couldn’t brake in time, some kid or nasty person left a battery in the middle of the road

Pretty much destroyed my splitter and bumper, need to take it to garage now to respray. Good thing a new splitter is only £15

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