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Clios at Le Mans

  RB FF 182
Saw a load of Clios roll in Friday PM and also this hero below spinning up for the crowds just outside Houx Annex (Green) campsite :)

  Petrol Blue 182.
Yep Rich and Gems iirc, they were camped near us in Houx!

There was also a blue 182 parked outside the houx camp for most the weekend aswell.
  RB FF 182
Was my first time at Le Mans and we camped in Houx Annexe. I drove down in the clio with all our camping stuff. Got the rear coils changed back to factory standard :) drag car ftw

Thought the facilities were pretty decent, always fairly clean and showers with semi hot water cant really complain.

The Friday afternoon on the roadside was absolutely hilarious! This guy was flinging rubber all over the place with some matey in a dolphin suit hanging out of the passenger window