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ClioSport 2021 Calendar - We Need Your Photos!


ClioSport Admin
  Clio Trophy #355
So this very crazy year is rapidly drawing to a close, and it's time to look at compiling images for next years club calendar!

Obviously the opportunities to get out with your cars have been massively limited this year, so pictures taken this year are likely to be few and far between. This means it's going to need as many people to get images uploaded as possible to get a decent calendar put together.

We are looking for you to submit your best Clio related pictures for us to use, images of single cars, groups of cars, cars on track, modded, standard, all types of Clio are required & considered. We also need pictures that can convey the various seasons, so you don't end up with a Clio parked on a sun drenched beach for the December photo!

This year you can upload images directly to this thread!
Much larger images are allowed, so the forum won't ruin the quality.

Please insert the images as thumbnails in the thread if possible to reduce the page loading times:

Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 22.17.47.png

There are a some strict requirements if you are submitting pictures:

  • Please submit high-res copies of the images only. The higher resolution the better!
    Your image will normally only be able to be considered for the calendar if available in a resolution of at least 2500px on the shortest side. Anything much smaller than this is difficult to use when printing in A3 unfortunately as it will not be sharp enough for print at 300dpi.

  • We are looking for high quality car shots. If you've taken a picture of your car sat on your driveway with your mum hanging the washing out in the background then please don't post that.
    Think "Would I be happy to have that on my wall for a month?"

  • Pictures must not contain watermarks or other text overlayed, if so they will not be usable so make sure only unmarked versions are uploaded.

  • The photo must have been taken by yourself or you have permission to use the photo freely and for this purpose.

  • By submitting photos you give permission to use them in the calendar and other club related printing and publishing in the future such as on the website, flyers or other promotional material.

Closing Date: Friday 13th November

Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing what you have for us!
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ClioSport Club Member
A few here, but will get some better ones with it properly cleaned. When do we need to submit them by?


  • IMG_20200917_181240.jpg
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  • IMG_20200917_181029.jpg
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  • IMG_20200917_181024.jpg
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  • IMG_20200917_181013.jpg
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Great Photos!!.

Sorry but i do have a few more photos,ive just picked out my best from this year.

Shame CSF didnt happen this year,as would of had loads from that Weekend of other Clios.
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  Clio 182 Cup/Meg R26
Not the best but got no decent recent pics.


  • DSC_6378.JPG
    9.8 MB · Views: 119
  • DSC_4781.JPG
    10.4 MB · Views: 135
  • DSC_5929_1.JPG
    9.6 MB · Views: 97
  • DSC_5928_1.JPG
    9.7 MB · Views: 102
  • DSC_5931_1.JPG
    10.2 MB · Views: 103
  • DSC_5939.JPG
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  • DSC_5941_1.JPG
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  • DSC_6378.JPG
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  • DSC_8245.JPG
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