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cliosport flyer

  mk2 172

did a printable version ever get put on the site?, only there is a new wave of 16vs in donny around 4 new ones have cropped up around me in the last month, and i want them to know about the site, then i can organise a race

Yep, after convoying in France, everytime I see a clio around I feel its my duty to let them in on the secret!

Any chance of putting the flyer up as a pdf?

[rant] Not everyone in the world uses a peecee and is controlled by Micro$oft!!! [/rant]

Thank you.


A lonely (but very happy) Mac user

Yea, but Microsoft Office runs on Macs too Infact, its pretty good (got Office 98 for Mac)

Oooops! just thought about what I said! (You aint got a right button have you ;-)

So do the apple key and click thing (I think, and do a "save target as" or whatever.


thats the annoying thing, i had to succumb and buy a micro$oft Intellimouse, so at least I have a right-click now, and a scoll wheel, and 2 thumb clicks...

Got office X, but my serial number refuses to work at the moment :-(

Who else on here has a mac then?