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ClioSport Invaded

At the moment it seems that ClioSport seems to have been invaded by drivers of other cars. Although this is a Forum for Clio owners, its good to see posts from owners of different cars. We have cars ranging from Honda CTRs, Audi S3s, Ford Mondeos, Saxos, XR2s to name a but a few and most if not all the posts have been positive and open minded and gives us a different perspective on Clios and also non-Clios.

IMO it has also kept this forum “relatively” unbiased as most people who post here have real expectations of their cars and don’t consider the Clios the best, unbeatable, fastest, etc etc car in the world unlike some forums I have visted. I for one hope we get more posts from drivers of different cars, to keep up the competitive spirit, including the Max Power muppets (you know who you are!) if only to entertain us, and hope it to never spiral into a sl*gging match which it sometimes does as its only natural to be protective about the cars we drive. So all you non-Clio drivers out there bring it on!!

jon c

clios are sh*t, pugs kick their arses!

only kidding

it is a good forum but its hard to resist just having a lttle pop at someone from time to time just to get a rise.....people can take cars a bit too seriously someties and a bit of mockery is all this talk of i beat a 911 in my 1.2 clio or my car is faster now cause ive removed my big mac box from the boot and enhanced the power to weight ratio

most of the people seem sound though - i think you have to have a sense of humour to tolerate french cars at times.

  VW Potato

JonC, that was a refreshing post! I agree - other non Clio drivers are welcome; helps everyone keep a fair perspective and its fun reading about other cars, too.

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

I agree that other car drivers are welcome on here, as long as they dont cause trouble. I own a Fiesta as well as a Clio, and any members will verify I go on about my Clio on there all the time. lol


Maybe not a BigMac box, but when i removed My GF and all her luggage i went about a million times faster!

All of a sudden that Cinquecento Sporting seemed no match at all!