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  Yozza'd Blue Bus
Here at we try and produce as many activities as possible to help the members become involved with the club so we bring you this event. Areas Day 2016

Held on the 02/04/16.
A day where all areas across the UK will hold an event on the same day to enable as many people to get amongst the action and enjoy some time with other members.


The reason behind this event is to bring part of what we produce at our national event (ClioSport Festival) and other supported events to our members doorsteps.

Another reason for this early event is to enable new members to meet up with the area reps and other local members to kickstart area activities for the year ahead.

Again if anyone has any questions then feel free to post them in here or send a message to myself or your local area rep.

CS admin.


Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep