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Cliosport New Zealand

The missus has decided she wants to up sticks and emigrate some in the next year or so. After seeing the lovely golf courses out there Ive agreed to go aswell!

Am also taking my Clio over as the Cup will be one of a kind over there!

Just wondering if we have any Cliosport members from down there or will I be starting a trend?!

Nice one chap. Weve thought along those lines as well. Friends emigrated out there last summer and are having a great time. Good for you!:)

It does look a fantastic place but I had to check on the golf. If the courses were no good I wasnt going!

Itll be weird as the mountain range is half hour drive from the beach so I can surf and snowboard in one day!

Might have some trouble getting mechanics to work on my Cup though if they dont do them over there!! :eek:



sod it leave the cup here with me

you can get some phat subarus in NZ well cheap and skylines

Yes thats a good point, skylines cost about 5 grand second hand though..

NZ is an amazing place..not sure bout living there though!

I had heard that buying cars out there was VERY expensive so thats why im thinking about taking mine over there? Itll take six weeks to join me in a boat!

Well if I decide not to bother then the Cup will be up for sale in the not too distant future! Itll be worth having it as its a lovely car!

no way i live in New Zealand already for 11 years :( ok ok i m not an official member but i always thought we can have somethin down here

cars . i think much cheaper than UK we get our GTRs at 130000nz so thats around 40000 pound instead of 50000 n we get full spec Evo n Jap Stis ... no CTRs just ITRs but downgraded versions

yeh u r right my mate has one of the 3 V6 Clio in NZ (no Phase 2 V6 order so far) no cups ... hhm.... we do have a few 172 but not much they sell around 1 every month. plenty of golfs here. Mod rules here are less strict

There are a couple of us down here. Im in Invercargill, where thinking of setting up? Been here two years and am really enjoying it. Will NOT ever go back to the UK. My WRX cost me the equivalent of 13000 pounds which would be around the 20K mark in the UK. 4 bed house with 6 acres in the middle of nowhere cost me 50K pounds. Petrol is 35p a litre. 1.5 hours to Queenstown and hardly any cars on the road.

Dont hesitate.

Do three members constitute a club?

Oh yeah. Wait three years, get citizenship, NZ passport and youre able to go and live in Aus with no probs. ;)

All sounds good. It was the missuss idea as we inheirted a few bob and decided to get the fcuk out of dodge!

Might have to get a Scooby if they are cheap over there!

Wasnt too keen at first but at that price for cars and petrol you cant go wrong!

Was looking at around the Christchurch area she said as her brother has just moved there and she wants to know at least someone in the country.

When it happens well have our first ever Clio NZ meet! :D

Dont you also get paid next to nothing? I guess its ok if you move out with loadsa ££££ though. I understand you can get R32 skylines for under 5k? But your not allowed to import anything from b4 1995 anymore because of crash regulations.
  Silver Fabia vRS

How easy is it to emmigrate to NZ....have always loved the scenery. Thought about moving to Switzerland a few years ago but decided against it when I thought I dont know any of the languages! Also Switzerland is mega expensive.

Whats the IT jobs scene like in NZ?

Im in IT and they are crying out for people especially if you have an MCSE or CCNA.

Wages are actually pretty good but Im lucky enough in that money is not really a problem. The hard thing about NZ is that they are pretty picky on who they let in! You have to have unique skills that they cant source in the country or have a load of cash so they know you wont be blagging off their welfare!

Ive really been looking into this country since her indoors dropped the bombshell and Im actually really looking forward to it as can find no negative feedback as yet...
  Silver Fabia vRS

I dont have an MCSE or CCNA (dont do Cisco at all). I have to say the few people with an MCSE I have met didnt know as much as me in some areas and had mostly just read the books. I know it has become slightly hard for the 2k path but for NT4 if you read all the books a few times you could easily pass. Fair play if you have one though as it is more time and effort and it does mean you have a qualification to your name.

I have thought about moving abroad but always get to the last stage and bottle it...keep convincing myself I have too much to keep me here.

Totally agree with the NT4 side of things but mines been got in 2000 and that is not easy! Still if your company paid for you to do it Im sure you wouldnt say no!

You should do it, although if you do im sure youll nick my NZ rep job!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Yeah I agree Sangy....if my company wanted to pay for it I would have no probs with it! 2000 is harder so credit where credit is due.

Never compare the UK to NZ. I made the mistake of coverting everything from NZ dollars to UK pounds and was shocked by the cost BUT everything is relevant. Lower cost of living and a lower pay packet. Also dont believe that your life is going to be ideallic. There are drawbacks but thats the same for every country. Immigration from job offer to visa was about three weeks and that was over xmas and new year when they were shut for about ten days in all. Go for a two year visa to start as that doesnt require police certs, medicals etc. Then apply for residence once youre there.

As for the scooby.

As for jobs of all sorts


winger offered me the last Sti 7 for 61000 didnt take it. i think the new STi is goin to be that much better

those Audi S4s are so much cheaper (second hand) now they r pretty nice as well

that 22B looks fcuking nice, bet that wont be available when I go over! Still by then the new version Scooby will be out...

Dont be too sure about the 22B. It as for sale at Wingers two years ago for $130,000. Perhaps its too special for NZ market. Now maybe if they made it four door, a V8 engine....