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ClioSport Sunday


ClioSport Admin
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Unlikely. A big part of arranging our own event was to change some of the things that people dislike about other car shows.

It won't suit everyone of course, but for me personally, the chance to come to a car show that opens at sensible hours of the day, have drinks with friends in the evening, and then the chilled journey back home on the sunday without being half asleep with thoughts of work the next day are a big plus for many people.
  Bus w**ker
No. I work Sundays.
I didn't know you were poor. :(

Any big event on a Sunday sucks baws, people have to bail early and I'm always a big grumpy mess on the Monday at work (if I manage to make it in). So a Saturday was a nice and very welcomed change.

White Silver

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I didn't know you were poor. :(
I choose to. Need the extra cash to buy the Datsun.

Saturday's a much better day, hopefully I'll be able to make it next year.

Bet there are a few sore heads this morning, especially at the sausage-fest campsite!


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Also, it gives us a day more to recover from sunburn before work on the Monday morning! ;)