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Can you guys put your heads together and come up with some costs for the trip. i mean petrol, food, just as an idea of what you spent last year. also what do you need in yur car by law to drive on the continent.
  Clio 197

First Aid Kit: Belguim, Germany

Warning Triangle:Belguim, Germany, Luxembourg

Fire Extinguisher: Belguim

You should also carry your insurance green card in the car.

Eek, first aid kit, triangle, fire extinguster!!!

Bloody hell.

Anyway, food and drink in france was real cheap, dont remember what I spent tho :( and as for fuel I didnt use much as my car spent most of its France holiday at a Renault Dealership in France :S
  Clio 197

Ive never had a fire extinguisher in my car and my my Willy has none of the bite required. Its not like they stop you and look for the stuff. It is required by law though.

I forgot about the bits for blanking over the headlamps. Some headlamps have an adjustable reflector thing for right or left driving. You might check with Renault on that if it isnt mentioned in the owners manual. I drove an Irish/UK car over here for a good few months and had no trouble. If I remember correctly the BMW lights were adjustable...Years ago I drove a UK Volvo on the continent and we got flashed at all the time.


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

If youre not going to the ring I reckon youll just need to fill up once. Not too sure on the food, because we havent booked the big meal yet. Although if it was like last year, it was only about £10-£15 a head, and that included as much wine as you wanted! We will sort this meal out soon and let you know. Other than that, you can eat wherever you choose, and I dont think itll be that expensive over there (not close to UK prices anyway!)
  BMW 320d Sport

Most stuff is cheaper than the UK. Think what youd spend on 4 days away normally, 3 lunches and evening meals, a couple of tanks of petrol...