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cliosport vs impreza_wrx

i wonder
who race with impreza_wrx ?

ill race with friend he have subaru gt

we race from 2th (50mph) u know at 5500rpm
until 125mph .

i win :)

If its the new shape "boggo" WRX then thats quite possible - as long as its not a standing start contest. Ive raced a new-shape WRX before from 30mph plus and I was right with him all the way, except on roundabouts - where the 4WD grip again comes in handy.

The old WRX and the new STI are different cases altogether though - much, much quicker machines.

I predict that the WRX will become like the Golf GTi over time - still respected, but trading on its past as a real hardcore enthusiasts car. Who can dispute that the Mk 1 and Mk 2 16v Golfs were the real enthusiast choices? Would a real hot hatch fan now choose a Golf GTi? Itll be the same with the Scoob in the future - mark my words!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Ben H-

Cant remember if I asked u before but what mods u done to get 171bhp? And is that at the wheels? (sorry if I sound thick)

Cheers mate.

Definitely not at the wheels!! Thats at the flywheel, as tested a year ago on an engine dyno when the engine was out of the car.

I bought the car from a bloke who had the cambelt go on him and wrecked the internals of the engine as a result. he had the original cams re-profiled to his spec, Vernier pulleys fitted, the head skimmed and had a custom programmable ECU fitted. It was done at a Renault specialist in Winchester who usually did the same to 19 16vs.

I phoned the guy who did the work (Derek Pratt I think the name was) - and he said it was a kosher job; the first Clio 16v hed done it to. He also said that some 16v engines (i.e. the F7P) were just more powerful than others out of the factory. He said that some cars had made as little as 155 bhp with the same work. It also depends on what you set the Verniers and ECU to do. He also seemed to think that a PBV helped a lot with low down fuelling on some cars - but not others (again no quantifiable reason).

Ive not touched the Vernier or ECU settings as it would cost a lot anyway! The only bad point is that if you do get more power on a car that has say 70k miles on it, then prepare to spend another £1-2k as the transmission will wear at an accelerated rate.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Sounds mint mate. Was thinking of getting the cams and pulleys done myself. And a chip. What do the insurance companies think of this being done (apart from the chip)? How much is it for the work do you know? about £1k?

Ive got a RR graph showing my valver at 164bhp with just a full magnex, de-cat, K&N, and PBV.

Think its one of the better of the engines. Been well looked after. But im planning on gettin it on the rollers again fairly soon, and ditching the K&N for a different filter.

dror172 - sorry for stealing your thread mate...

a pre MY01 WRX uk car is std like a pre MY00 uk turbo (215bhp)

jap import WRXs are from 240bhp+
WRX Stis v3/4/5/6 280bhp!!!!

what car do you have to race a scoob???

164 bhp with those mods - crikey!!

The whole job was just over £2k. Im not making any comments about the insurance. Lets just say that it would be a very, very keen assesor that would pay money to pull the engine apart.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Ben H-

Thats what I was thinking about the insurance.

As for the bhp. According to the previous owner the PBV gave around 20bhp! Quite shocked myself. Ill let u know what its pushing next time its on the rollers.

Cheers matey!

subaru GTs are in Europe..not in the UK

a GT is the same as a Uk car!!

Pre MY97 208bhp
MY97-98 215bhp
MY99-00 218bhp

youll find that a std car will push more than 220bhp on a RR day though.

figures were set lower by keep insurace at 17...and not 20 like a cossie!!! lol


an impreza would out accelerate, out top speed and out handle a 172 with ease, wether u like it or not thats the facts!! like comparing a vtr to a valver! y bother!

The old WRX is in a totally different league to the 172/16v/Willy. But the new one is a lot heavier - and is about 2 secs slower than a 172 around Evos track of choice. In the real world, as Ive found out, the 4wd gives it amazing grip that a FWD car cant keep up with on say a roundabout. But in terms of acceleration (not from rest) and less extreme cornering, a 172 is actually as quick as the new WRX (if not quicker). Obviously once above a certain speed it will be to the WRXs advantage - though not many encounters will be above 80mph out on the UKs roads. The STi and the old WRX are totally different cases.

but he said its the older shape, the new ones are crap, and ugly too!
and depending on which of the many models the bhp changes, as does gearing ratios, and so accerations.
i think something like the rb5 (not sure exactly which model, gets confusing) will top out at 120 butll get there a hell of a lot quicker than the others! where as some wrxs will plough up to 160 mph and pull all the way!
  CTR EK9 turbo

I raced a new shape 2001 WRX 215 bhp silver Y-reg estate and beat it on acceleration (not from a standing start it was up a slip road onto a "deserted runway". The driver of the subaru admitted it also. At around 120-130 i went past with my passenger waving My car was standard. The driver of the subaru was not happy. The older scoobs 215 bhp jobbies are a lot quicker. I used to work for Subaru and have driven (done rev limiter launches) in every model including a boaty Forrester turbo with the prodrive pack.

I did however get beaten by a women driving a 261 bhp Sti scoob (blue), but not friends Pulsar GTiR beats me embarrasingly!

you guys!!!!

RB5!! just like a standar UK car but had prodrive tweeks
this car will not top out at 120!!!! lol

had my UK turbo (240+bhp)..full de-cat + 152mph yesterday, still had a bit left too !!! on a private road that was...!!!

what you think of this MY01 then??

  CTR EK9 turbo

Very nice scoob. That must have cost a fair whack, but certainly worth it. I like the front lights now with the modified cluster affair, improves it over the old bug eye look.
  mk2 172

iv raced plenty of the old shape scoobs and tbh there not that much quicker. iv had a turbo 2000 crawl past me when i had a passenger in.
  mk2 172

oh yeah iv raced:-

wrx (someone i know)
p1 (great fun on open road, he was letting me go then giving chase)
turbo 2000 (rolling start drag)
sti 5 type r (york dragway 3 times)

i was beaten every time but not by as much as most would expect.........

neoquip, i stated i cant remember what the model was for that reason.... but there definetly is a model that is made for quicher acceleration only..