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Cllio New and Old

  CTR EK9 turbo

very nice indeed. Both of them!

What exact mods were you running on your old mk.1? would you mind listing them for me dude? thanks in advance! (if you do! :) )

nice seats in the cup, what have you done to the passinger side fog lamp , are you running a hose through to the filter.

TO be honest that Cup is standard at the moment the whole car has been done in photoshop, the Wheels, brakes, seats, delock, Intake for air filter. Basically it is my final choice of mods, I have tried a few different styles and I think the Cup race car look might prevail. Tim O

The Cup standard seats are sh*t and offer no real support, you end up holding onto the wheel rather than being held in place by the seat. The Seats are ones I found images on the interent for, but I want either Sparco Evo 2s or Corbeau Sprint Excels. Both weigh about 7kg. Kevlar/GRP mix.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Cool, its going to look very nice Tim. Not that the CUPS dont already!

Are you going for the "speedline corse" wheels like they use on the Cup Racers - theyre white. I might get a set - i know a guy who prepares cup racers nearby who said he could get me some....

So you think the standards weigh less than 7kg cause to me 7kg sounds quite light, i would have thought the standards weigh more (i dont know):)

I will weigh mine when i take them out, also weigh my new seats and subframes when they come (hopefully the first week in April ready for Doncaster)

Just got to design some circuits to stop the SERV light coming on.

Chip was superchip, 7kg is light and will be less than the standard unit. Thought about those Speedline wheels, but have a set of nearly new superlegs, so thoughtt I would have them powered coated. Sticking to 15" tho, 195 50 15 might allow bit more compliance on the road. The cup ride worse than my mk 1 on coilovers. Tim
  BMW 320d Sport

As a totally independent owner of two old original valvers, Ive gotta say thats the first time Ive seen a Mk2 new Clio look better than a mk1 new Clio. I dont really like the triangular lights at all on the current Clios, but I reckon the white wheels on that Cup give it the bad boy look you want. Obviously the standard Cup seats arent even meant to stay in, I can never understand why people make such an issue of changing them. The first thing you should do with them is put them in the skip and replace with proper bucket seats to your liking, just like you would dump the cloth seats out of an Evo 6 RS. But please Tim dont get Corbeau! That stupid parrot logo does my head in!
  BMW 320d Sport

Oh and btw, having just ditched my standard valver seats and tilt mechanisms for a pair of kevlar bodied Cobra Suzukas which weigh in at 6 or 7 kg each, I can tell you they are loads lighter than standard seats. You can pick them up by putting your little finger in one of the harness slots, which you definitely cannot do with the normal Renault seats.

Cool I like the Excel Sprint though as it is the only seat I have sat in which I am comfortable in, BTW, whens the first York RWYB event

mk1s the nuts like where u put the viper should spray it to match. What power was it running?

The cup looks cool 2
  CTR EK9 turbo

I really do like the look of the cups. They look so mean the those rims really make a huge difference. I wonder how much my friend would charge me for a set of those speeline white jobbies. He had a few of the old mk.1 172 wheels kicking around without rubber on.....well see.....