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Close One!

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Washing my car on Saturday, nothing out of the norm. Dry it off and drive up the shops to get a paper..... anyway I got home and just went in. About 6 hours later I go outside to move my car out of the drive and I go to start it and it just spluttered and stopped so i am thinking s**t whats going on, so I try again and it fires (well sort off!). Well my car went from purring like a cat to rumbling like a old vw campervan the car shook when i revved it and the smell of petrol was strong so I pop the bonnet to have a look, only to find my engine soaking wet! After some investigation I found out that it was not running on all 4 cylinders and was running so unevenly and dont get me wrong it didnt sound that bad!!! Just not right, so I thought I would take it for a gentle drive around the block to heat up the engine so that any water would evaporate. Got it to the top of the road and it spluttered and stopped! So it fired up again and off I went, You can imagine the noise it was making only firing on about 2 cylinders and spark plugs soaked! Well lets just say I got it home and about 2 hours later after some rest and heat it was fine!!

My advice is do not wash your engine!! or purposely spray inside any engine grills. I thought my car was gonna blow up!! anyone else had this happen???


:cry: :(

lol... i wanted to make it shiney n clean, lol !

Thought a pressure washer was a good idea at the time... Until gots water in my wiring looms n lights kept flashing on the dash... opps... Oh well was under warranty :oops:

Hehe, Out of interest, how do people clean their engines? Water on a cloth job and take hours?


Quote: Originally posted by Daz on 09 January 2003

Hehe, Out of interest, how do people clean their engines? Water on a cloth job and take hours?

That was my thought to, lol ! So went for the easy option... Never again ! ;)
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Power wash the sub frame etc, use autoglymn engine cleaner, a bit of wax here and there and metal polish on my shiney bits, also autoglymn bumper care is good for hoses etc.

get some GUNK cleaner cover you electrics with cling film spray on the gunk leave it 20 mins then jet wash it off then when dry wipe with a cloth easy and your car wont run like a bag of sh*t

go for the cling film and gunk route, it has served me fine. Now I have an entirely plastic engine bay :( I use specialist cleaners from work, no water, just spray and wipe and its clean as anything! Just takes a while :(


I know someone who had there engine steam cleaned, the cam belt tensioner slightly rusted! this then rubbed on the cam belt. This was like rubbing sand paper on it. The belt eventually wore su much that the belt streached. It then jumped a few teeth and the timing with out. it then went on to smash the valves. The engined was ruined! Most garages use an alcohol based cleaner (I think) for cleaning engine parts.

I use a good three bottles of vodka on mine. I recommend smirnoff!