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Clutch failure? No gears when I lift clutch pedal

  2002 Clio Cup
Hey guys
I took my car on an auto test event on Saturday. So much fun! Over the day of 5-6 hours I drove the car for about 16 minutes in total (warmed up/left running properly etc).
The cone course was very tight, 2nd gear for 90% of the course...

Though, my day was ruined by a problem...
On my final run I was in 2nd gear and suddenly the revs went up and the car was in neutral (though gear stick was still in 2nd!); I tried all the gears (gear selector is fine) but nothing at all...
There were no loud bangs, no rattles or grinding or anything like that. Engine runs fine, but I'm getting no gears when I lift the clutch pedal at all

Any suggestions on what my problem may be? Any help or advice always appreciated...
  Clio 172
Could be clutch but unlikely, you should of heard something if it was, the ring gear on the diff might have spun, dont know how it is on Renault boxes yet but looking at pics it's only pressed on so it could slip. It could also be a drive shaft problem, if 1 drive shaft has died then you'll loose all drive
  2002 Clio Cup
Cheers guys, I appreciate your responses... The garage has confirmed this is the problem!

The garage (I know the owner well) have quoted me £900 to put it all right (8-9 hours labour), send gearbox off to specialist etc

1. Am I being ripped off?
2. Can anyone recommend anywhere local to Worcester I can get a quote to do this job?
  Evo 8 MR
Wow, that sounds excessive.

I paid £150 to remove and refit gearbox. Then it's just the cost of a rebuild, I've seen people pay £500 for a FULL rebuild before.
  2002 Clio Cup
£850 included the price of a new driveshaft, too (which isn't much!) They said they need to remove the engine, too!

I've told them to wait whilst I get a couple more quotes!

I'm not in a rush as I don't use the car every day...

So, you all suggest I use a Renault specialist (know to CS) who knows a quicker way to sort this out?