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coilover advice

  gen 7 celica
where is the best place to get fk coilovers from at a reasonable price? my car is lowered 60mm at the mo on uprated dampers and springs. will the ride be much smoother with coilovers? also what price can i expect to pay? cheers in advance for any advice
Yep ride will be better.
£440 or so
John2modifed do a search for the web address its been posted here in the past few days.
  gen 7 celica
been on 2 modified it has the option of the clio b 1,2 16v. is that a mk2 ph2. anyone know? cheers
  gen 7 celica
just trying to order my coilovers now. what is the difference between clio b (09/98 on) and clio b 1.2 16v. cheers
  Chocolate Bar™
best off ringing him, or getting in on the group buy in the for sale section. 404 iirc which isnt to be sniffed at.

ring him up to make sure, but he will tell you to check the hub size of your car. which is done by measuring the distance between the two horizontal bolts on your hub. you can get to it by putting your steering on full lock.

FK released a kit specifically for the 1.2 16v with a 58mm hub spacing, but if you've got a 52/54mm for instance then they're not going to fit.
  gen 7 celica
do i have to become a full member to join the group buy? will check my spacing to see which kit i need.


ClioSport Club Member
yea you will have to become a member, but for £5 membership you can get the 25% discount
  gen 7 celica
ye def worth 5 pound but it says in the joining section that it takes up to 2 weeks for your membership to go through. will i miss the boat if it takes that long?
  A well built VW
Has that Kev bloke been feeding you with ideas at work ???

I think you'll be fine for the membership if not use mine lol
  gen 7 celica
yea prob that and the fact that my shocks have decided to give way on me. things always go wrong at once with the clio. spark plugs exhaust induction kit. lucky its bonus month coming up.